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iPad Education Application Development For E-Learning Courses

iPad is originally made for entertainers and e-readers who can carry this mobile devices with them anywhere and can fill their leisure with good moments. Sometime some inventions exceeding our expectations and the same happened with iPad. Therefore, it becomes one of the highly used and useful handheld device today. We can explore the possibilities of all iPhone apps on the iPad and some more specific to iPad.

Education category apps are belong to these specific criteria. Today we have a vast field of education particularly e-learning field is open for iPad application programming. As iPad has inherent capacities to present multimedia content in intuitive ways, we can take advantage of that and make e-learning a fun and easy that it is on its big sister devices like laptop and iPad app programmingdesktop. However, iPad has some limitations like gesture base operating, small size, different screen orientations, limited CPU power, memory power and connectivity; we have to overcome such problems smart ways and create some robust e-learning experiences.

We can create different types of e-learning content like keynote presentations, iBook and HTML5 based courses. If we take help of keynote presentation, we have to go for Mac OS to create this power point like presentation for iPad users and we can’t sell them outside the Apple store. Keynote application allows us to view, edit, and converting presentation in palatable formats like PDF, PPT, etc. However, you have limited distribution capacity but you can receive quality audience of Apple product users and monetize your work beautifully. The biggest drawback is security since this method allows any recipient to edit presentation.

Another convenient application for e-learning courses for iPad is iBooks Author. Here you can make your iPad development efforts to create textbooks with multimedia content like image galleries, video libraries, interactive charts and diagrams, 3D objects and a lot more. This application is free but work only on Mac and you again have to use iBookstore in Apple store for distribution.

Creating HTML 5 based e-learning courses for iPad is the most convenient and flexible approach since it allows you to use any operating platform and distribution system, but needs lots of HTML 5 programming expertise and experience at Expert iPad developer end. Albeit creating PPT presentation and converting them into HTML 5 option is easy but flexibility is limited, so custom development is not possible.

Conclusion :-

iPad education application development is a promising field for mobile developers and we can create many different types of e-learning applications and courses using various techniques and applications available.


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